It time for one of those posts, inspired by bloggers like J Bowen and Tom McMahon.

Our first one is via J Bowen, and documents the original product development team’s titanic struggle.

Next up we have courtesy of Tom McMahon a truly non-obvious and penetrating insight into marketing at The Sharper Image.

If you are a scientist with luxuriant flowing hair, there is a club especially for you, and only for you. Please note that this isn’t a club for scientists who want luxuriant flowing hair, but for those who already have it.

Check out the official Rube Goldberg website.

Scientists with entirely too much time on their hands have discovered that cockroaches suffer from physical age related debilitation much like humans. No word if aging takes a toll on the mental capacity of roaches. (And don’t even mention viagra).

I had no idea Megan had a disease named after her , but there is what sounds like a very common disease with a newly discovered cure – a can of soda. From the article:

“People with McArdle’s disease – a condition marked by low tolerance for exercise and high risk of activity-related muscle injury – can dramatically improve their exercise tolerance by consuming a soft drink or equivalent before physical activity, investigators have discovered.”