So we parents are standing around the buses getting ready to take our kids off to the Tetons last weekend. My son graciously came up to me early, said “Let’s get this over with now”, and gave me a big hug. His friend had done the same to his mother, and then they got into a contest over which parents they could lift. Boys. So after they trooped on the bus, and then back off to get their picture taken, and then back on, the parents were talking. The moms were all worried – did I pack everything, what did I forget, I hope they don’t get cold, how are they going to handle the snow, what will they do on the long bus ride, did I pack enough snacks, fret fret fret. The dads were all envious – what a great trip, wish I was going, what a great time they are going to have. Ah, the division of labor – someone to worry, someone to enjoy.