Brian Noggle must be made of stronger stuff than I, because he titled a post “I Can’t Wait For Joe Williams’ Review“. What’s next, “I can’t wait to be smacked repeatedly by a large mackerel”, or “I can’t wait to have a bucket of bricks dumped on my head” or “I would really like to have my toenails pulled out one by one”.

I have to say, I saw the same trailer while I waited to see “300” the other day, and at first I was intrigued – nothing gets my intrigue up like seeing helms with lots of horns, wings, and assorted dodads and swords of destiny – but when it was clear that the movie was going to be a post-modern morality play dressed up in ornate plate armor I lost most (but not all!) of my interest. Yes, ornate plate armor is just that irresistable.