While waiting for the Libby Trial jury to come back with a verdict (my mind’s made up, what’s taking them so long?), Tom Maguire has been forced to write, ever so briefly, about other things, like cigarette offsets. Not being a smoker, I don’t think he’s on to anything there.

However, he has the kernal of a good idea, and so I’m willing to partner with anyone who wants to form a fat offset firm. Yep, we sell people weight offsets – whether you want to lose weight but stay at your current weight, or pork up while being able to claim you haven’t gained a pound. So if somebody mentioned Al Gore’s weight gain, he’d be able to retort that in fact he’d lost weight when you factored in his fat offsets. I’m sure we could really clean up in Hollywood.

Oh, for any prospective partners, I consider access to anorexics a clear plus.

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