February 21, 2005

Double Your Pleasure

You scream, I scream, we all scream for links, so here's a Monday tradition: Linkagery. I've added a twist, see if you can figure it out.

Eamonn Fitzgerald leads us off with a fine post about the Copenhagen Consensus: "The inspiring thing about the Copenhagen Consensus is that it set priorities. Climate change was not ignored by the experts, but it was not regarded as critical to saving lives. Instead of reacting to the latest, trendy media-driven fads, the economists had to face the fact that no dollar can be spent twice. Our willingness to help may be unlimited, but our resources are not, in other words."

Not content with that, Eamonn follows up by explaining the Irish term GUBU, with a less than delightfull example.

Tom McMahon just took himself out of the running for President; I guess I'll just have to vote for Condi. A word of advice Tom -- notice how I never include myself in the pictures I post here unless they are really old and thus show me as a young man? Wink wink.

Tom also gives us the skinny on that eHarmony guy who's buying a lot of commercial time on TV (not that I watch TV!). OK, really it's National Review, but I'm trying to throw the lefties off the scent, or they'll figure out we do nothing but read and blog NRO.

Jenne has some questions and observations (did Jon Henke TM that?) that are worth a look. She also has some thoughts on Geeklog, so if you're thinking about new weblog software here's your chance to find out about Geeklog.

The Ombudsgod! has little trouble figuring out what Michael Getler, ombudsperson at the WAPO can't. Of course, TO never has trouble figuring out the conumdrums that stump Mr. Getler. And then he congratulates the press on the stringent safeguards on their stories, especially those that involve some guy called Gannon.

Dissecting Leftism notes that contra Chait, leftism is both dogmatic and has their pantheon of Saints. And he regularly has his own festival of links called Elsewhere.

My alter ego, the Interociter, has pretty much the same take on the Bush tapes I do: the big revelation is that if public George meets private George, they both can exist because they are pretty much the same. And he has a good question (and observation!) about China.

OK, I better let McQ at Questions and Obersavtions have a turn: an observation on British ingenuity as displayed by the response to the ban on fox hunting. But that's just warming up -- he has a very interesting look at research on al Qaeda members and discovers that it isn't poverty or religious fanaticism that is original motivation, but to find out what it is you'll have to follow the link.

Take Sir Charles' challange and name your 10 artistic or scientific achievements from 1950 to 2000 that will still matter two hundred years. He also notes the disconnect between the headline and the picture.

Jane Galt has the last word on the Larry Summers brouhaha (so I don't have to). And with that, I'm breaking the mold on this post.

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