June 14, 2005

The Reese's Solution

For reasons that escape me, the news media seems to think that the acquital of Michael Jackson on child molestation charges is REALLY BIG NEWS, of the caliber only slightly below THE END OF THE WORLD. Personally, I couldn't even muster a yawn.

They also seem to think that interrogaters playing Christine Aguilera to a mass murderer wanna be at loud volumes at all hours of the day is also REALLY BIG NEWS. I have to wonder if they've ever lived in a college dorm. I don't to make light of the plight of prisoners at Gitmo, but after reading the EXCLUSIVE article in Time I have to wonder how anybody can survive three years in a frat house. Do the faculty know what goes on there? George W. Bush has probably already been through worse during his time in college.

Now that Michael Jackson isn't going to be sharing his bed with boys anymore, and his career is further in the toilet than a Quran has ever been, and the use Christine Aguilaria is now out of the question, how about the government hires Michael to conduct interrogations at Gitmo? It would be a perfect fit and let Michael do something productive again. He can be good cop and he could share his bed with men. Just a thought.

Posted by Kevin Murphy at June 14, 2005 11:58 AM | Media Criticism