February 09, 2003

Man and Machine Equal, Sort Of

The clash of chess titans Garry Kasparov and Deep Junior ended in a draw with a victory each and four draws. Kasparov spoke with CNN about the match:

"But at end of the day, it's not human, so that's why to win the game, to beat this machine, you have to be very precise, so it's quite unusual for human game, because normal game is always full of sort of inaccuracies if not mistakes, but why here, if you make one mistake, you are out of business."

"I think people recognize that chess offers a unique field to compare man and machine. It's our intuition versus the brute force of calculation. You cannot do it in mathematics, you cannot do it in literature. So chess is somewhere in between, in the crossroads, and we always wanted to know how our intuition could be measured by the machine's force of calculation?"

While Man eked out a draw with the Machine, our problem (speaking as the man I am) is that the Machines are getting better faster than we are. But I'm not worried about my job - until they invent a machine that can suck up to the boss, I feel secure.

Posted by Kevin Murphy at February 9, 2003 10:17 PM | Fun
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