February 07, 2003

Kevin Murphy the lesser

There are a lot of Kevin Murphy's out there. While not as common as John Smith, the name, as a simple google search will show, has become common. Murphy has always been as common as dirt, but Kevin has enjoyed a surge in popularity after I was born. When I was growing up, I only knew of two other Kevin's (OK, 3 if you count St. Kevin, patron saint of blackbirds) but now we're everywhere - I once got an IM from a Kevin Murphy (back in my AOL days) who thought the mutual name was cause for some sort of celebration. There are three Kevin Murphy's who work for the same large company I do, which I know because as I'm listed first in the email directory, I get a lot of their email. Anyway, my referrer logs indicate that somebody came here looking for "Kevin Murphy" "the lesser", and apparently they found him. Kevin Murphy "the greater", according to Google, is a doctor in British Columbia. It's hard to argue, but I can work on being Kevin Murphy the wise, or Kevin Murphy Supreme Commander, or Kevin Murphy one hot tamale.

Posted by Kevin Murphy at February 7, 2003 03:52 PM | Me
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