October 15, 2002

Use 1002 For Duct Tape

There are a lot of uses for duct tape, and every handyman keeps a roll. Now there's a new use for duct tape - wart removal. My first thought was the painful one of yanking the tape off quickly, but instead it's a long term process of applying the tape for six days, soaking in water, and then scraping with an emery board, and reapplying the tape. Now I wonder what led them to try this therapy in the first place. I'm more than academically interested as my son is getting a wart on his forehead that he's having issues with. We tried the dissolving kind of wart remover, but all I'll say about that is thankfully no scarring occurred but the wart came back. We've been putting a band aid over it, and I noticed the other night it looks different. So before we jump to duct tape -- I'm not sure it comes flesh colored -- we may just stick with a band aid.

Posted by Kevin Murphy at October 15, 2002 10:30 AM | Family
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