April 15, 2004

Oliver Stone Kisses Castro

I don't get a chance to correct Mickey Kaus too often so here goes. Mickey, Oliver Stone was a fool before Ann Bardach said one word to him.

This article makes it clear that Oliver Stone is not just a fool, but moral pygmy.

The left needs to come to terms with the fact that a large swath of it loves dictatorship, and not just abroad, but in America too. It loves judges who issue fiat from the bench, and it loves government agencies who issue fiat as regulation. It can't admit that anti-communist cold warrior were right; it gives wet smoochies to leftist dictatorships around the world past, present, and future. It can't admit that communism is evil itself and not just specific implementions. It embraced Stalin, it embraced the Sandinistas, it embraces Castro, and it repudiates any attempts to topple or prevent dictators today.

I think that by and large, the right does not love dictatorship, but was willing to compromise during the cold war. And I think the right has come to terms with that. Certainly now the clarion call of freedom sounds from the right, and not the left - which is why a lot of people who once considered themselves on the left can no longer do so.

Posted by Kevin Murphy at April 15, 2004 12:08 PM | Current Events
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