The Thursday Report


Geitner Simmons has a series of fascinating maps of religions in America. The Bible belt really isn't a belt as much as a tie - running north-south through the midsection of the country instead of east west, and cuts across most major denominations.

Reason 1 to hate the press: they lie.

I think the average American citizen should be able to carry a concealed weapon as part of our right to self defense. And when such laws are passed (as Missouri did a few years ago), the streets don't run with blood from shootouts over nothing. But that doesn't mean I don't think there is something wrong with John Lott or his research.

Reason 2 to hate the press: they slant.

Maybe the Duke lacross team isn't the most important rape story out there.

Reason 3 to hate the press: good reporters have bad motives.

Autism is a real problem. Fortunately, autism may not be a growing problem, let alone brought on by mercury in vaccines.

Reason 4 to hate the press: Their focus is one the wrong people, places, and things.

Tom McMahon is having fun with hats (don't forget to check out his own picture). Maybe Tom will help me out with this photo, which was my winning entry in the Studmuffins of Conservatism at the Evangelical Outpost. And yes, that is an old photo of me, but I've only grown more handsome in the interval.

Reason 5 to hate the press: they want to set the agenda.

How can you go wrong with a post entitled "The Prehistory of Python? You can't, especially since the python is of the Monty variety.

Reason 6 to hate the press: they are in denial about their problems.

I'm number 10 when searching for "I love Wal-Mart". I'm still waiting for the HDTV.

Reason 7 to hate the press: they fall for anything if it fits in with their agenda.

Have you read your Michael Totten today? You should.

How about your Michael Yon? He's in Afganistan now.

And to wrap up, something quick of my own. The problem isn't a nuclear Iran, the problem is a nuclear power run be Islamofascist nutjobs - like the one's ruling Iran at the moment.

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