Cost To School Doesn't Equal Value To Society

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I could ramble on at great length and venom on this subject, but as time is short I'll let Captain Capitalism handle Why Social Sciences are Pushed More Than the Hard Sciences in College:

The school I was at needed equipment and gear to teach the kids. This would have required a new building and new equipment. However, somebody got the ingenious idea that they would rent some nearby cheap office space and require the students to get "general ed requirements." Then in shifts the kids would come in and take their general education requirements while the other students used whatever lab equipment they needed. They more or less doubled enrollment without having to spend twice on the gear.

We go on to find out why there are so (too) many lawyers and why certain fields like, oh, feminist studies, to use the actual example from the post, have become so popular with universities and why there are too few scientists and engineers graduating from same. Although I will say, in agreement with Michelle Obama here, K-12 education in America has some significant problems, and lack of rigor in those years is a huge reason there are way too few American born scientists and engineers.

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